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Break the Bank! {These diaper bags are worth it!}

Why is it so hard to find a good diaper bag?  You can carry an oversized handbag and be fine, but those pockets designed specifically for changing pads and bottles are just so darn nice to have! And, it’s not like we can all be like Rachel Zoe and have Alexander McQueen send us our very own diaper bag. And let’s face it, a trendy diaper bag can come with a high price tag.

But let’s admire these pricey pieces anyway…

Lots of famous ladies carry this Not Rational leather bag.

Gretel Bag Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

And then there’s Prada

Prada Baby Bag available at Bergdorf Goodman

I always like a Burberry bag.

Burberry Hobo bag available at Neiman Marcus

Or we could all be like Gwyneth and carry this Kelly Hermes bag as a diaper bag

Just remember, pricey isn’t always better! And really, why break the bank when there are babies to spend on?

On the more (kind of) affordable side, there are still some good options….

I love this bag from Longchamp, which I think could totally could work as a diaper bag!

Cosmos bag in Distressed Leather

Cosmos bag in Distressed Leather

Storksak bags are great and usually reasonable. This one is actually on sale right now for $80.00

Emily Canvas Bag

Oh, Charlie! How I love you! (The Charlie bag from Timi Leslie).

Project Nursery, Charlie bag by Timi and Leslie pinned via Alison Koenig

Better yet, design your own bag with Deyitta on Etsy


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Mabo Me

Fair prices, totally adorable.  Meet Mabo!

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The Pregnant Lady Rules!

I have always loved etiquette.  When we were little, my sister and I both did cotillion and something called promenade where we had to learn good manners (and how to dance)!  I adored every minute. So, when a friend recently had a status update on her Facebook page about her desire for people to keep their comments to themselves as they related to her looking tired, sick or oh-so-pregnant, I decided I should post about pregnancy etiquette!   Here is my short list of what to say and not say as it relates to pregnant (or not so pregnant) ladies.  Feel free to comment and add your own.

Found on Pinterest via The

1. NEVER EVER ask a woman if she is pregnant. Even if she looks clearly pregnant to you, wait for her to mention it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

2. If she IS pregnant, don’t say something like, “Wow, are you sure you are not having twins?”

3. Also don’t say, “You look so sick/tired/swollen/overweight.” Really any adjectives other than beautiful and glowing are not needed.

4. Never inquire about how much weight she has gained.

5. Unless you are related, even if she is pregnant, never tell a woman an outfit makes her look pregnant.

6.  If a pregnant lady needs a seat or a hand, give it to her.

7. If a pregnant lady tells you what she plans to name her baby, do not make ANY negative comments or facial expressions, even if it is the most ridiculous name you have ever heard.

8. Don’t tell your pregnant friends, neighbors or strangers every or any pregnancy horror stories you know.  The world is scary enough.

9. Don’t go on and on about how kids ruin a marriage or take away all freedom.  The truth is, having a baby can be very romantic and there is something called a baby sitter.

10.  You really don’t have to give unsolicited parenting advice.  If she wants your opinion, she will ask.

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Birthday Bliss

Happy Friday!  My sweet Gray is turning ONE in just a few more months.  So, I have been thinking a lot about birthday parties.  Here are some ideas I just love from Pinterest and the blog world:

Surprise your little one with a room full of balloons on his or her day!

From Sweet Home Style via Pinterest

Or how about a balloon themed party?

From Hostess with the Mostess via Pinterest

Just pretty and sweet!

From Enjoy Cupcakes via Pinterest

A little lamb birthday

From Hostess with the Mostess via Pinterest

A precious birthday hat (worn by my sweet niece)

Available on Etsy

A birthday Banner

Available on Etsy

And of course, a smash cake!

Found on Lil Sugar

Can’t wait to share Gray’s first birthday with you! Until then, I will be trying not to go overboard!  For other ideas, check out these posts on a Superman party and a Farm themed party!

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Don’t Teeth Me

We have had quite a {sleepless} week!  Gray is getting three teeth and has another cold!  This has left me on a mission to find a teething solution!  Here’s what I have so far…

Sophie the Giraffe $23

Gray loves playing with Sophie, but she hasn’t been super successful in helping with teething

Cornstarch Teethers, $10

These are famous (featured in People magazine) only problem is we are always losing ours! These also make a great gift! I just bought one for my dear friend Hayley!

Jelly teething rings, $10

Love these straight from the fridge!

Organic Teething Biscuits, $2.50

At the suggestion of my friend Lori, we just started trying these. Gray seems to at least enjoy chewing on them so far!

I would love to hear from you! What are your teething secrets?

Coming soon!  A post on Nursery Design 101 AND how to DIY your own upholstered headboard! (For you or your tot)!

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Moving On Up

The Farrell twins have officially moved into a big kid room and boy are they loving it!  Their momma is loving it too as I had another opportunity to design a room with style.  Before even getting started, I needed a plan.  As I have mentioned before, I have boy/girl twins which can get tricky when trying to incorporate color schemes and gender neutral hues.  With the help and guidance of a designer, I decided to create more of a boy’s themed room and make my daughter’s side a bit more girly as necessary.  Eventually, she will move into her own room and we can go all out for her.

I only had a few requirements for the designer.  I am a sucker for a big monogram so that was a must.  And I wanted bold colors and classic designs.  Well, she did not disappoint.  Check out a few pics from the twins room:

Darling and classic bedding from John Robshaw Textiles.  Walls are painted classic Benjamin Moore, “Navajo White.”

Love this “gent’s” bed skirt in red

These lovely animal prints were a great find on one of my new favorite sites- One Kings Lane.  It is hard to tell but they are framed in black bamboo.  So cool!  And love that they are not so “kid-ish” that I couldn’t eventually use them elsewhere in the house.

Check out these cute lion bookends from Serena and Lily.  Functional and handsome.  I am on the lookout for some vintage children’s books but for now, I have these Museum of Art books as a place holder.   Also, this is a PBK dresser that I had painted in Benjamin Moore “Cloud White.”

And finally, look what just arrived in the mail today?!  This area rug from West Elm in flax.  I haven’t had time to set it up in their room yet (needing my hubby’s help) but it will be so nice to have something soft.

A few more decorative items to come but in my book, simple is best…especially with two 2-year old toddlers!

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A Boy and A Coat

Gosh, I hate to say it, but I think life is easier if its a baby girl you are shopping for!  I have been trying to find my little man a decent coat. Well the search is (finally) over! Here is what I found….

Woollen Three Quarter length coat from Zara, $45.90

Widgeon Fleece Toggle Coat (via, $45

For a splurge, Burberry Merino Wool Hooded Jacket, $215

You might also want these cashmere booties from NM, $35

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On the Mend

Things have been a little crazy in our house this week. We got an Old English Sheepdog puppy and sadly both he and our little man have been sick.  Here they are, trying to enjoy some sunshine today despite feeling under the weather…




Between trying to be certain that all the sick germs are gone AND that our sweet puppy doesn’t make our house smell unpleasant, I have been in major cleaning mode.  Wanted to share my favorite cleaning product with you, smells divine, but without the harsh chemicals. Thank you Mrs. Meyers! (AND, thanks to my sweet husband for helping clean the house all week)!


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Stocking Round-Up

A few weeks ago while my husband and I were on our way to dinner, I tried to turn on some Christmas music. He was quick to remind me that it wasn’t even Halloween yet and therefor completely inappropriate to listen to Christmas music.  Well, good thing Halloween is over because the holidays are on my mind!  It is, after all, the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”  My first mission is to find the perfect stocking for our sweet baby’s first Christmas!  Here are my favorites so far:

Wool Stockings from Garnet Hill


Stocking from West Elm


Connect the Dots from Land of Nod


Lovely Stripes from Horchow


Fuzzy White from Anthro

We chose these!  Fun and colorful from Rikrak on Etsy


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On Paper

There are so many reasons for paper, a new little one included!  From shower invites, to birth announcements, to thank you notes, to birthday party invitations, the list goes on and on!

Check out these ideas from Dodeline Design.  You will love, love, love the products and the blog.


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