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Break the Bank! {These diaper bags are worth it!}

Why is it so hard to find a good diaper bag?  You can carry an oversized handbag and be fine, but those pockets designed specifically for changing pads and bottles are just so darn nice to have! And, it’s not like we can all be like Rachel Zoe and have Alexander McQueen send us our very own diaper bag. And let’s face it, a trendy diaper bag can come with a high price tag.

But let’s admire these pricey pieces anyway…

Lots of famous ladies carry this Not Rational leather bag.

Gretel Bag Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

And then there’s Prada

Prada Baby Bag available at Bergdorf Goodman

I always like a Burberry bag.

Burberry Hobo bag available at Neiman Marcus

Or we could all be like Gwyneth and carry this Kelly Hermes bag as a diaper bag

Just remember, pricey isn’t always better! And really, why break the bank when there are babies to spend on?

On the more (kind of) affordable side, there are still some good options….

I love this bag from Longchamp, which I think could totally could work as a diaper bag!

Cosmos bag in Distressed Leather

Cosmos bag in Distressed Leather

Storksak bags are great and usually reasonable. This one is actually on sale right now for $80.00

Emily Canvas Bag

Oh, Charlie! How I love you! (The Charlie bag from Timi Leslie).

Project Nursery, Charlie bag by Timi and Leslie pinned via Alison Koenig

Better yet, design your own bag with Deyitta on Etsy


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The Pregnant Lady Rules!

I have always loved etiquette.  When we were little, my sister and I both did cotillion and something called promenade where we had to learn good manners (and how to dance)!  I adored every minute. So, when a friend recently had a status update on her Facebook page about her desire for people to keep their comments to themselves as they related to her looking tired, sick or oh-so-pregnant, I decided I should post about pregnancy etiquette!   Here is my short list of what to say and not say as it relates to pregnant (or not so pregnant) ladies.  Feel free to comment and add your own.

Found on Pinterest via The

1. NEVER EVER ask a woman if she is pregnant. Even if she looks clearly pregnant to you, wait for her to mention it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

2. If she IS pregnant, don’t say something like, “Wow, are you sure you are not having twins?”

3. Also don’t say, “You look so sick/tired/swollen/overweight.” Really any adjectives other than beautiful and glowing are not needed.

4. Never inquire about how much weight she has gained.

5. Unless you are related, even if she is pregnant, never tell a woman an outfit makes her look pregnant.

6.  If a pregnant lady needs a seat or a hand, give it to her.

7. If a pregnant lady tells you what she plans to name her baby, do not make ANY negative comments or facial expressions, even if it is the most ridiculous name you have ever heard.

8. Don’t tell your pregnant friends, neighbors or strangers every or any pregnancy horror stories you know.  The world is scary enough.

9. Don’t go on and on about how kids ruin a marriage or take away all freedom.  The truth is, having a baby can be very romantic and there is something called a baby sitter.

10.  You really don’t have to give unsolicited parenting advice.  If she wants your opinion, she will ask.

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On Paper

There are so many reasons for paper, a new little one included!  From shower invites, to birth announcements, to thank you notes, to birthday party invitations, the list goes on and on!

Check out these ideas from Dodeline Design.  You will love, love, love the products and the blog.


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Easy and Stylish Diaper Bag?

Maybe stylish and diaper bag aren’t really words that normally go together, but there are options out there!  I sprung for a beautiful (but rather less affordable) Tory Burch diaper bag. (This was after weeks of convincing my husband that a push present was a real thing AND that the Tory bag was completely appropriate!)

I have been so happy with this diaper bag. It works perfectly for all occasions. I am also a big fan of the Storksak Olivia bag (wish I owned it).

Then today, I was reading one of my favorite new blogs A Cup of Jo where I stumbled upon this Moop Market bag.  I am just in LOVE with it. What an easy, stylish bag!

On piece of advice I will offer, your diaper bag might become your new best friend once your babe arrives.  If you are able to make it your next investment piece, I would.

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Baby Check List/Registry List

So, one of my dearest friends is about to have a baby and she asked me for a list of things she needs and what my favorites are. Thought I would share….


Crib (My fav is the Stokke but see our post on crib compare)

Glider or comfy chair/love seat

Changing table/pad (soon my husband will be posting a DYI of our changing table…super cute)!

Monitor (I like the Summer Infant video monitor)

Crib Sheet

Humidifier (really, they all work about the same but I like this one)


Not a necessity but you might also like to have the following:

Book shelf

Bassinet or moses basket

Sweet little lamp

Pack N Play

Night Light


Diapering and Feeding

Changing pad/cover (custom-made covers are cheap and easy)

Diapers and diaper cream (I like Pampers or Target brand diapers, Burt’s Bees cream)

Diaper Bag (This can be an investment piece…you will use it everyday!)

Bottles (I like Breast Flow bottles if breast-feeding and Dr. Browns )

8-10 Burp Cloths

6-8 Bibs

3 Pacifiers

3-5 Bowls/spoons


If Breast Feeding

Breast Pump (I like Medela Freestyle)

Breast Pump Bottles

2 boxes of steam bags

1 box of nursing pads

2 boxes of cleaning wipes

Nursing Cover

Nursing Pillow (My Breast Friend , better than the boppy I promise)


Not a necessity but you might also like to have the following:

Dirty Diaper Pail

Beaba Babycook Baby food maker

High Chair

Dishwasher Basket

(I find that a bottle warmer is a complete waste of money and I don’t particularly like the idea of keeping a spinning/drying rack on my counter…too much clutter)!



Car Seat


Portable changing pad

Car mirror

Health Care Kit and rectal thermometer (only accurate reading for infant)

Cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol and petroleum jelly (trust me, you really need this)

Baby Shampoo and Body Wash ( I like Burts Bees and Noodle and Boo)

Grooming Kit

Infant Tylenol


Not a necessity but you might also like to have the following:

2 Hooded Towels

Baby Washcloths


Baby Bjorn or Sling

Rattles, Toys, Books

Baby Jumper

Baby Bouncer

Baby Swing (or in lieu of this we have the Mama Roo)

Bundle Me



Going home outfit!

6-7 Onsies (a few newborn, a few 3-6 month to start)

8-10 Pj’s (footed)

6 Gowns

8-10 pairs of socks

2-3 pairs of booties

4-6 caps

5-10 outfits (tops and bottoms, smocked, etc)




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Lux Maternity II

Diane Von Furstenburg. Really, need I say more?

Well, I will say more. First of all, I found that some of her famous wrap dresses will last you well into your second trimester (if you don’t mind them getting a tad bit shorter in the front… a no-no for all you tall ladies).  But then, I discovered she actually makes maternity dresses and tops.

(This pic from ShopStyle where you can purchase the dress and other DVF maternity)

I also stumbled upon this super cute boutique, Belly  that carries DVF, Paige Jeans and Noppies! It is located in Canada BUT they do take orders over the phone if for some reason you cannot find these vendors in your area.

Also, you MUST MUST MUST check out More of Me Maternity (see their website for locations).

More of Me’s Ladies Who Lunch Dress

Favorite Shirt Dress


Now for the big guns…

Remember sweet little Natalie Portman in her lovely Givenchy dress at the Spirit Awards? If you don’t, check out this blog post at Focus on Style.  I only wish I knew where to find it!

Remember, if you look pretty, you will feel better. AND, when you are preggers, it might seem like a good idea to wear normal clothes one size bigger, but really, nobody wants to see the bottom of that belly hanging out (as precious and adorable as it is)!


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Lux Maternity

I am a big fan of being pre go in the summer, mostly because I think the clothes are cuter, but also because when you are feeling bulky  the last thing you want to do is pack on some extra layers.  (But, lets face it, being pregnant anytime is pretty great)!  But, if you are lucky, you can find some stylish clothes that help you feel pretty and show off your bump all year-long!

I just discovered Ripe Maternity available in the US, the UK and AUS.

Of course, Heidi Klum has her line Lavish, available at a Pea in the Pod. If there is anyone who might be considered an expert in maternity fashion, it might be Heidi.

You may hate (or love) the show Pregnant in heels but you will LOVE Rosie Pope’s maternity line.



Please, please don’t miss Isabella Oliver.  This stuff I would wear sans bump!


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Bionic Fatigue

So I am reading this book “The Pregnancy Countdown Book” by Susan Macgee.  It goes through each week/day of pregnancy addressing all the fears, quirks and surprises that come with it.  Here is an excerpt I read the other day:

Bionic Fatigue (noun):  The excruciating and bone-crushing tiredness found in early pregnancy that is unlike any other fatigue you will experience in your life and that no one but another pregnant woman really understands.  Example: Due to her bionic fatigue, Jane leaned over to tie her show and woke up two hours later barefoot and on the floor.”

I had NO IDEA, really, NO IDEA, how tiring a little bun in the oven can be. Don’t get me wrong, I will happily be tired and sick to my stomach everyday for our precious one. But, really, I was not prepared for this.  (Although, I will not lie, an excuse to take an afternoon nap is wonderful).

Yesterday, I was walking in from a long (napless) day.  My neighbor was walking in at the same time. I literally have no idea what I said to her. I was so tired I literally could not think. I think my words were, “so tired, I just need to take a nap, can’t function without it.”  I am sure she was thinking, “okay weirdo…”

As soon as I got through the door, I stumbled to the couch and woke up 2 hours later.

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