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Nursery Design 101

I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time. I will say first I learned most of my knowledge of decorating from my sister, my friends Linda and Carlyn, and the Domino Book of Style.  I am definitely not trained in design and therefore no expert, but here are my tips. Feel free to comment and add your own.

1.  Start collecting photos and ideas of design elements that are meaningful to you, that you love and are inspired by.  I use an actual binder but pinterest is another great way to do this.  It’s so fun to research the web, blogs, magazines and other friends brains to get ideas!

2. If possible, find some kind of focal or design point (or points) that you want to work around. This can be a particular color palette, textile, painting or piece of furniture (etc.). For me, when we started working on Gray’s nursery, it was a particular picture my sister-in-law painted and a fabric I fell in love with. It’s okay to plan your nursery in a style/palette that is similar to the rest of your house.  You don’t have to have the typical “themed” nursery.  Think about your particular style…are your more traditional, modern, cozy, bohemian, elegant, eclectic, etc?  Do you want to include these elements in your nursery? I love the idea of having a piece of art that you just love become your main focus of the design scheme.

Kim Schuessler painting available at

(Like if we ever have a girl, I already know I will want an adorable Kim Schuessler painting for her room!)

3. Make a plan-a floor plan and a furniture plan.  There are only a few necessities for a nursery, namely a crib and some form of changing table. And then there are the niceties, like a plush glider, dresser, rug, etc.  You need to know what you need and have room for in the space.

4. Set a budget. You don’t want to fall in love with a crazy expensive piece of furniture or a Madeline Weinrib textile if they are out of your budget.  For our nursery, we were on a pretty tight budget.  BUT you can be creative. For instance, I always wanted the Stokke crib. I loved that it was oval and different from anything I had ever seen.  So, I found one that had been used once and was discounted.  Also, when walking in to my (most) favorite baby boutique, I noticed they had a staged a nursery with matelasse curtains.  They looked something like this:

Picture from

Then, I remembered my mom had some from our old guest room. They were in great shape and worked perfectly!  I honestly took a million shortcuts to save money, most of the furniture was from IKEA (great place for kids furniture) and I really think the room turned out great!

5. Think about  your color palette. (It doesn’t have to be pink, blue or yellow). Is there a specific color range you want or need to used based on any design elements you have picked out?  Or is there some flexibility?  It may be a good idea to start collecting paint samples and samples of textiles, fabric swatches etc. Include these in your design binder. Also, think about textures.  (Especially in the case of a rug, you don’t want something hard like seagrass).

6.  Narrow down your options. Make a list of the pieces you want keep based on your floor plan and budget.  See how all your choices come together. Think about important elements you might be missing.  Remember, things like lighting and storage are important in a nursery. (Babies seriously require A LOT of storage.  Baskets might be your new best friend!)

From via

7. Get to work!   You may even need to give yourself a time line.  I totally had nesting fever from 20 weeks on, but its a good idea to have things ready by week 32 or so. Remember, if you have to order something, it can take upwards of 6 weeks!  (like in the case of our glider!)

Happy Designing!

**Be sure to double-check safety guidelines as you plan your nursery. For instance, better not to put your crib in front of a window.  Also, did you know doctors are now recommending you NOT use a crib bumper?


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Happy (late) Thanksgiving! Hope yours was full of joy with family and friends, ours sure was!  Of course, I am most Thankful for these guys:

  (Picture by Michelle Marie Photography)

The only thing is, I kind of find myself wanting a vacation from our vacation!  Cannot believe there is just one more day left of our break!  Why does time fly so fast?

Anyhow, I think I have mentioned before how much I love LOVE the blog A Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard. I mean, she is just so cool and inspiring!  Especially when she talks about motherhood and her son. It is a must read if you are soon to have a baby, or if you live in NYC ,or if you are female and under the age of 80!  I especially adore the design of her little man’s nursery, and because she is so nice, she said I could share it with all of you!  This is just a teaser, so check out the full post here.

Seriously, how cute is this?  The sailboat mobile had me at first glance! Plus, I think the crib is from Wal-Mart.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend! Stay tuned for winner of first give-away.

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November 26, 2011 · 7:33 pm

Pinterest Love

From Traditional Home

From Decor Pad

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The Glow

I heart Cynthia Rowley. Maybe, I wish I could be her. Especially after I saw her on The Glow, a must read for you fashionista moms! Check it out and see more than just this preview of her adorable two little girls’ room:

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Real Nursery: Eleanor Frances

When my sister was pregnant, she chose to let the sex of her baby be a surprise.  To suit her gender neutral nursery she chose colors like orange and lime green.  She also chose fun textiles that were neither too masculine or feminine.

Mix a modern crib with a soft rug. A custom piece of art makes for an eye catching center piece and focal point for your design.

If you go with a custom textile you can coordinate your bumper with your changing pad without being too theme oriented.

A glider from Four Seasons with cute orange piping and a sweet little bird lamp makes the room complete.

You can add a personal touch by including a “family tree.”  These are all Eleanor’s family members when they were babies!


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Rachel Zoe

Well, my very dear friend is getting set to bring home a sweet little one. I am trying to help her along the way as she prepares her nursery and home. She is extremely stylish, so I know the nursery will be gorgeous!  Her inspiration?  Rachel Zoe’s nursery and a Hermes blanket. I love this soothing color palate and that the crib is not on a wall, but in the center of the room. For a full tour of the nursery, check out

Meanwhile, here are a few ideas I have to design a similar nursery without the $87k price tag…

Oeuf Sparrow Crib in White $730

Maybe  a cool Madeline Weinrib Fabric

Kate Swivel Glider from B.Braithewaite $1000

Or a cool couch from Ikea (less than $400)

Dresser from Ikea $300

(You can put a changing pad on top of this too)!

If you simply must have it, the signature Hermes blanket $1400

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Nursery Design from House of Fifty

We love this online mag! Check out this issue for some nursery how to’s!

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Light My World

How do you choose the right lighting for your nursery?  A lot can depend on whether your room is already wired for overhead lighting or whether you will be using lamps to illuminate the room.  Also, is your style more classic, modern, or a mix of both?  Here are a few favorites we found and loved…

 Beautiful chandelier for a little girl’s room via PBK

Bamboo Tower chandelier– and comes in lots of different colors!

This nursery is so serene and the basket weave hanging lamp adds just the touch of modern

Love the bright colors and darling giraffe theme.  Especially that ceramic giraffe lamp with sunny yellow shade–precious!

Check out these beautiful garden sconces from Serena and Lily.   Simple yet classic.

How cool is this Spinnaker Lamp?  The base is made of a thick-coiled rope and it would go perfectly in your little adventurer’s room.

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House of Fifty

Thanks to my friend Juli for telling me about House of Fifty.  I absolutely love this online mag and this months edition is loaded with awesome nursery/kids room ideas. Definitely check it out, I promise you will love it.



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Hello, yellow!

Yellow is pretty much the traditional gender-neutral color. It was never really my favorite until I ran across this picture in Domino: The book of decorating.

Kid’s room of Jenna Lyons and Vincent Mazeau, creative director and artist as featured in Domino magazine and Domino book.

Here is some more yellow worth saying hello to:

OD Lilly acrylic by Clarence House; As seen on


 Brompton Plaid cotton by Scalamandré; As seen in

Because even a child needs a super cool lamp!

Truffault lamp by Kenneth Wingard, $460 or $340; as seen in Elle Decor


A lovely idea for a child’s bedroom or for a guest bed for your little one’s sleepover!

As seen in Veranda Magazine


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