Holiday Traditions {Guest Post}

Hello Style Stork readers!  I’m Jessica, and I write over at Learning Love’s Life about my family, our adventures, and lessons learned along the way.   This will be our first Christmas as a little family of three, and I can’t wait to begin some special and fun family traditions as Dylan grows.  Thanks to my favorite addiction, Pinterest, the possibilities for all ages are never-ending.



Making Christmas cookies: thinking of a new holiday theme every year, the more imaginative the better, gives all of us an opportunity to show off our creative skills with a great, sugary reward at the end

Christmas countdowns: I can’t think of anything else that will help increase the kiddo’s anticipation than by creating an advent calendar full of daily surprises


Having their own tree: this activity provides hours of entertainment for kids to decorate and redecorate their felt Christmas tree to their little hearts’ content


A book a day: wrapping 25 books to put under the tree and starting December 1st, having the kids pick which one to open and read together that day.  Included in this list would have to be some of my favorite childhood classics like ‘A Night Before Christmas’ to share with them

Stocking picture: this is just adorable… and a clever way to measure growth through the years

Ribbon door barrier: on Christmas morning when the kids get ready to stampede toward their presents under the tree, they’ll have to break through Santa’s enclosure (just crepe paper!)  first


Either way, I have a feeling that the holidays are going to be that much more fulfilling now that we get to plan activities with a little one in mind to carry for years to come.  Thanks for having me Style Stork.  Have a merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. I love this! Thanks Jess!

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