On the Mend

Things have been a little crazy in our house this week. We got an Old English Sheepdog puppy and sadly both he and our little man have been sick.  Here they are, trying to enjoy some sunshine today despite feeling under the weather…




Between trying to be certain that all the sick germs are gone AND that our sweet puppy doesn’t make our house smell unpleasant, I have been in major cleaning mode.  Wanted to share my favorite cleaning product with you, smells divine, but without the harsh chemicals. Thank you Mrs. Meyers! (AND, thanks to my sweet husband for helping clean the house all week)!



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5 responses to “On the Mend

  1. oooo I love your little puppy!! Meyers is a fav as well.. rosmary is my fav.. I actually sort of enjoy cleaning now..haha!

  2. I feel ya! Rees has been sick for two weeks with a cold! The doctor said it has to run it’s course…boo!

  3. thejewelbee

    This picture is totally adorbs!

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