Rachel Zoe

Well, my very dear friend is getting set to bring home a sweet little one. I am trying to help her along the way as she prepares her nursery and home. She is extremely stylish, so I know the nursery will be gorgeous!  Her inspiration?  Rachel Zoe’s nursery and a Hermes blanket. I love this soothing color palate and that the crib is not on a wall, but in the center of the room. For a full tour of the nursery, check out ABC.com

Meanwhile, here are a few ideas I have to design a similar nursery without the $87k price tag…

Oeuf Sparrow Crib in White $730

Maybe  a cool Madeline Weinrib Fabric

Kate Swivel Glider from B.Braithewaite $1000

Or a cool couch from Ikea (less than $400)

Dresser from Ikea $300

(You can put a changing pad on top of this too)!

If you simply must have it, the signature Hermes blanket $1400


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