On the cheap!

Well, I hope you got some fabulous finds at Target last week when Missoni hit the stores! Sadly, I did not. With the website crashing I was unable to shop online and couldn’t make it to the store.  I will say, it did not seem like there were too many items for a baby boy so I may not have missed out much.

Today, I did something I never thought I would. I went to one of those massive children’s consignment sales.  There are several reasons why this is not traditionally up my alley…
1. The clothing while discounted, is usually (but not always) used. (I am now over it and totally fine with used clothes)!
2. You typically end up standing in line for over an hour if it is the first day of the sale (which it was).

Thankfully my friend Julie got there early and held me a place in line (kind of wrong I now).  AND I got our sweet baby boy 5 incredibly adorable smocked outfits for less than $50. I also got a new umbrella stroller for $8.  With all that money saved, I can go and buy something for myself!  To find a consignment sale near you, check out Kids Closet

Also, thanks to my friend Jessica for telling me about a website called recrib (Genius, really. Wish I would have started it)! Here you can find, buy, and sell used baby gear. When we have baby number 2, I may try selling my single mountain buggy so I can get the double!  (Unless, of course my sister wants it).

And finally, I am not totally sure if making your own baby food is cheaper than buying the jars, but I am pretty sure it saves money and it might be healthier (and fun!).  This week we tried peas for the first time…

Clearly, not a favorite!


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