Baby Check List/Registry List

So, one of my dearest friends is about to have a baby and she asked me for a list of things she needs and what my favorites are. Thought I would share….


Crib (My fav is the Stokke but see our post on crib compare)

Glider or comfy chair/love seat

Changing table/pad (soon my husband will be posting a DYI of our changing table…super cute)!

Monitor (I like the Summer Infant video monitor)

Crib Sheet

Humidifier (really, they all work about the same but I like this one)


Not a necessity but you might also like to have the following:

Book shelf

Bassinet or moses basket

Sweet little lamp

Pack N Play

Night Light


Diapering and Feeding

Changing pad/cover (custom-made covers are cheap and easy)

Diapers and diaper cream (I like Pampers or Target brand diapers, Burt’s Bees cream)

Diaper Bag (This can be an investment piece…you will use it everyday!)

Bottles (I like Breast Flow bottles if breast-feeding and Dr. Browns )

8-10 Burp Cloths

6-8 Bibs

3 Pacifiers

3-5 Bowls/spoons


If Breast Feeding

Breast Pump (I like Medela Freestyle)

Breast Pump Bottles

2 boxes of steam bags

1 box of nursing pads

2 boxes of cleaning wipes

Nursing Cover

Nursing Pillow (My Breast Friend , better than the boppy I promise)


Not a necessity but you might also like to have the following:

Dirty Diaper Pail

Beaba Babycook Baby food maker

High Chair

Dishwasher Basket

(I find that a bottle warmer is a complete waste of money and I don’t particularly like the idea of keeping a spinning/drying rack on my counter…too much clutter)!



Car Seat


Portable changing pad

Car mirror

Health Care Kit and rectal thermometer (only accurate reading for infant)

Cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol and petroleum jelly (trust me, you really need this)

Baby Shampoo and Body Wash ( I like Burts Bees and Noodle and Boo)

Grooming Kit

Infant Tylenol


Not a necessity but you might also like to have the following:

2 Hooded Towels

Baby Washcloths


Baby Bjorn or Sling

Rattles, Toys, Books

Baby Jumper

Baby Bouncer

Baby Swing (or in lieu of this we have the Mama Roo)

Bundle Me



Going home outfit!

6-7 Onsies (a few newborn, a few 3-6 month to start)

8-10 Pj’s (footed)

6 Gowns

8-10 pairs of socks

2-3 pairs of booties

4-6 caps

5-10 outfits (tops and bottoms, smocked, etc)





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3 responses to “Baby Check List/Registry List

  1. Jess! I am so glad you posted that! Her list is way better and I adore her blog!

  2. Erin Beaver

    Love this new blog, M! Makes me want to have another kiddo just to have an excuse to get some new stuff! I am excited that I have that same humidifier! It’s at Target/Amazon for ~$40.

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